We offer 600,000 lbs. of overhead dry bulk storage

Before we started in the trucking business, we had been in other types of businesses.
Today and always, there has been one consistent part of our legacy:

Treat others as we would want them to treat us:
Employees, Customers, Friends, Vendors and those new to us on a daily basis

Mercedes Trucking, Inc., began in 1987 with one truck and one hopper trailer. Our intentions were to offset some of the operating expenses related to our other businesses by operating the truck and trailer locally. As time went along we added Trucks and Pneumatic Trailers and as they say, the rest is history.

first truck

What we operate:
- 1500 and 1600 cubic ft Pneumatic Trailers
- Company Trucks
- Owner Operators

What we haul:
- A large assortment of Dry Products, for numerous major Companies

Where we operate:
- 48 States in the U.S. and Canada

How we do it:
- 24 hours a day, seven days a week for both drivers and customers
- Understanding the customers needs
- Strong relationships with a wide variety of shippers
- Strategic alliances with specific brokers
- Long time partnerships with other trucking companies
- By focusing on safety in all of our daily operations
- On site loading and unloading.
- On the road we share with others
- In the equipment and people we choose
- Operating well maintained equipment
- Selecting experienced drivers
- Partnering with the best Owner Operators

Keys to our success:
- Keeping our trucks loaded benefits our customers and our employees
- Staying loaded and moving allows us to offer competitive rates
- We provide excellent customer service when loaded or empty
- Staying loaded and moving allows to provide an excellent place of employment
- Flexibility
- Regionally located drivers
- Customized services designed to fit the customers needs

Mercedes Trucking, Inc.
608 West Eighth Ave
PO Box 837
Winfield , KS . 67156